Philadelphia Café Guide - Best Cafes Near Me

Discover the vibrant coffee culture of Philadelphia with a curated selection of some of favourite coffee shops scattered across the city.

Elevate your caffeinated explorations with our Philadelphia Cafe Passport, designed to be your trusted companion on the quest for the city's best cafes. After sampling the delights of each café, take a moment to jot down your personal notes and ratings in the passport.

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Cafe Walnut

703 Walnut St

Cafe Walnut, nestled near Washington Square, is a delightful surprise blending Korean and American flavors in their breakfast and lunch offerings.  

Càphê Roasters

3400 J St G1

Nestled in the heart of Philly, Càphê Roasters offers a tantalizing fusion of Vietnamese flavors with a modern twist.  


620 S 9th St

Whether you're seeking a quick breakfast or a place to work, Chapterhouse promises a memorable experience with each visit. 

Elixir Coffee

315 N 12th St

Elixr Coffee is on a mission to deliver transformative coffee experiences through the sourcing, roasting, brewing and serving of the planet's most unique coffees.  

Essen Bakery

1437 E Passyunk Ave

At Essen Bakery, dive into the heart of South Philly's culinary scene! Tucked away in East Passyunk, this cozy spot offers a warm vibe and mouthwatering treats.  

Function Coffee Labs

1001 S 10th St

Function Coffee Labs, a cozy LGBTQ+-friendly spot, brews up more than just coffee – it's a haven for flavor enthusiasts! Nestled in a snug space, it radiates warmth and charm.  

Herman's Coffee

1313 S 3rd St

Herman's Coffee, a South Philly treasure, brews up more than just your average cup of joe – it's a haven for flavor adventurers!  

Menagerie Coffee

18 S 3rd St

Right in the heart of old town Philly, Menagerie Coffee is a charming spot that's always buzzing with students, professionals, and tourists alike.  

One Shot Coffee

217 W George St

Tucked away in old town Philly, One Shot Coffee stands as a beacon of local charm and global flavors.  

Ox Coffee

616 S 3rd St

Nestled in the heart of Philadelphia lies Ox Coffee, a charming retreat from the city's bustling streets.  

Persimmon Coffee

11 W Girard Ave

Nestled in Philadelphia, Persimmon Coffee exudes a cozy vibe with its minimalist design and welcoming ambiance.  


701 S 7th St

Whether you're grabbing a bite or browsing their pop-up events, Rally promises a delightful experience. 

Ray's Cafe & Tea House

141 N 9th St

Ray is a delightful stop for a taste of homey comfort. 


1523 E Susquehanna Ave

ReAnimator Coffee, offers more than just a caffeine fix. As a local micro-roaster, they prioritize fresh, sustainable, single-origin coffee, all crafted right in Philly.  

Red Hook Coffee and Tea

765 S 4th St

Experience the charm of Red Hook Coffee and Tea nestled in Queen Village. Delight in their cozy ambiance, adorned with quirky art.  

Rival Bros

1100 Tasker St

Rival Bros Coffee is a caffeine haven where every cup tells a story. Here, amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, coffee aficionados find sanctuary.  

Satellite Cafe

4901-4999 Willows Ave

Satellite Cafe, a hidden gem behind a quaint gate, surprises with its laid-back vibe and scrumptious offerings.  

Talula’s Daily

208 W Washington Square

Talula’s Daily, a delightful haven nestled near Washington Square, beckons with its inviting country charm and delectable offerings.  

The Last Drop Coffee House

1300 Pine St

Its quirky exterior beckons passersby with promises of aromatic delights and a cozy atmosphere.  

Three Graces Coffee Co.

719 E Passyunk Ave

With an ambiance that's simply unmatched, this modern cafe beckons with its welcoming embrace and top-notch brews. 

Ultimo Coffee

5901 Wayne Ave

Ultimo Coffee, where every sip tells a story and every pastry is a masterpiece. Step into this cozy haven and immerse yourself in the world of extraordinary flavors and warm hospitality.  

Vault + Vine

3507 Midvale Ave

Whether you're a caffeine aficionado, plant lover, or art enthusiast, Vault + Vine offers a unique retreat where every visit is a refreshing escape from the ordinary. 

Vibrant Coffee Roasters & Bakery

222 W Rittenhouse Square 1st Floor

Friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere make Vibrant a go-to for coffee lovers in search of quality and charm. 

Volo Coffeehouse

4360 Main St

With consistent quality and friendly service, Volo remains a cherished staple for locals and visitors alike, beckoning all to indulge in its inviting atmosphere time and time again.