• "The Passport features dozens of the best cafes in town & gives you the chance to rate each one."

  • "A fun way to keep track of your ongoing coffee adventure."

  • "Get the coffee lover a Cafe Passport that helps them find their next go-to spot while supporting local businesses."

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The Cafe Passport

We're on a mission to steer people away from screens and into the vibrant soul of the community, uncovering hidden gems as we go.

  • I Am So Excited

    "These are so cute ! Great gifts for those looking for something to do or a great gift for someone you want to spend quality time with!"

    - Bryanna R.

  • Fun Activity for Couples

    "My wife and I have been exploring the city more thanks to finding the cafes in the booklet. We love it."

    - Katherine K.

  • Cafe Passport is Motivating!

    "I love the quality and concept of the Cafe Passport! Mine is for Vancouver and its giving me a ton of motivation to check out ALL the Cafes listed!"

    - Shelly S.

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