Chicago Pizza Guide - Best Pizzerias Near Me

Embark on a delicious journey through Chicago's pizza scene with our exclusive Pizza Passport! Dive into a mouthwatering adventure as you explore the city's top pizzerias, each offering a unique slice of culinary heaven. With our carefully curated selection, you'll savor the flavors of classic Margheritas, savory Meat Lovers, and innovative specialty pies.

Chicago Pizza Passport Cover

Barnaby's of Northbrook

960 Skokie Blvd

This spot is perfect for family outings or post-work gatherings, where pitchers of beer complement generously topped pizzas.

Bonci Pizza 

161 N Sangamon St

It's a place where you can control portion sizes, trying multiple flavors without breaking the bank.

Bungalow by Middle Brow

2840 W Armitage Ave

With a top-notch dough program crafting fantastic bread and a diverse range of pizzas, it's no surprise Bungalow is a favorite!

Burt's Place

8541 Ferris Ave

This hidden gem deserves more than its four-star rating, offering an incredible pizza experience that's hard to beat.


3707 N Southport Ave

It's a gem hidden in the city, perfect for satisfying late-night cravings or experiencing authentic coal-fired pizza.

Craft Pizza

1252 N Damen Ave

The casual ambiance and open kitchen create a vibrant atmosphere. Even at busy times, the staff remains friendly and accommodating. 


1124 W Grand Ave

The ambiance is authentically old-school, from the wooden floors to the bustling atmosphere.

Di Vita's

3753 W Belmont Ave

The place has that neighborhood charm. It’ll immediately be your go-to for Chicago-style thin crust.

Five Squared

1332 N Halsted St

What's cool? You can grab a box of four different slices, so no commitment to just one kind.


730 N Rush St

You've got quite a few reasons to check out Giordano’s for their legendary deep-dish pizza! This place is buzzing with great vibes and a classic atmosphere. 

Home Run Inn

4254 W 31st St

Home Run Inn has quite the reputation for its frozen pizzas and its original location doesn't disappoint!

Italian Fiesta Pizzeria

1306 E 47th St

From addictive pizza to great sauce and quality toppings, it's an experience many cherish in the city!


2434 W Montrose Ave

Jimmy's Pizza has some serious New York-style game going on! Dining space is quite cozy, adding to your whole experience!

Labriola Chicago

535 N Michigan Ave

The ambiance feels relaxed and peaceful, making it a great spot for a delightful dinner. 

Lou Malnati's

439 N Wells St

Expect bustling crowds, some waiting time, but definitely a delightful taste of Chicago's renowned deep-dish pizzas.

Louisa's Pizza & Pasta

14025 S Cicero Ave

The warm ambiance and dedicated staff add to the spot’s charm. Louisa's creates an inviting atmosphere that's perfect for a cozy meal or a special outing.

Nella Pizza e Pasta

1125 E 55th St

Nella Pizza e Pasta feels like a slice of Italy with its authentic flavors and inviting ambiance.

Pat's Pizza

628 S Clark St

Pat's Pizza serves up nostalgia with its classic pizza parlor feel and delicious thin-crust pies.

Paulie Gee's

2451 N Milwaukee Ave

Friendly staff, a top-notch beer selection, and half-off wine on Wednesdays make it a local gem and a must-visit on any Chicago pizza tour.

Pequod's Morton Grove

8520 Fernald Ave

An intimate spot serving up one of the best pan pizzas in Chicago.

Pizza Friendly Pizza

1039 N Western Ave

Pizza Friendly Pizza is a hidden gem serving up unforgettable breakfasts and dinners in a cozy, local atmosphere.


252 W 26th St

Ricobene's, a true Chicago institution nestled under the highways, is more than just a pizza joint—it's an Italian food haven. 

Robert's Pizza and Dough Co.

465 N McClurg Ct

This riverside gem crafts Neapolitan-style pizzas that rival those from the heart of New York. Robert, the owner, adds a personal touch, sharing stories that enhance the experience.

Rosangela's Pizzeria

2807 W 95th St

The longstanding spot combines simple charm with fantastic food—all at remarkably reasonable prices.

Spacca Napoli

1769 W Sunnyside Ave

This oasis, nestled off Montrose, offers Italian authenticity and a delightful culinary journey, complete with ample nearby parking.

The StopAlong

1812 N Milwaukee Ave

With games, a great drink list, and a family-friendly vibe, it's a must-visit in Chicago's culinary landscape.

Villa Nova

6821 W Pershing Rd

It's the go-to spot for those seeking crispy perfection and that unmistakable, savory pizza flavor.

Vito & Nick's

8433 S Pulaski Rd

Vito and Nick's, a South Side legend, reigns supreme with its thin-crust pizza that's earned a devout following.