Vancouver Café Guide - Best Cafes Near Me

Discover the vibrant coffee culture of Vancouver with a curated selection of some of favourite coffee shops scattered across the city.

Elevate your caffeinated explorations with our Vancouver Cafe Passport, designed to be your trusted companion on the quest for the city's best cafes. After sampling the delights of each café, take a moment to jot down your personal notes and ratings in the passport.

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Le Marché St. George

4393 St George St

Le Marché St. George is the chillest corner cafe in town. It's got that homey, rustic vibe.  

Caffe Artigiano

2154 W 41st Ave

When you're out shopping, swing by here – it's the perfect pitstop. The whole place is just gorgeous and it’ll make you feel like you’re at home. 


577 Great Northern Way

Kafka's atmosphere is SUPER cozy with a relaxed space.  It's also a great place to soak in some local art displays.  

Marche Mon Pitou

1387 W 7th Ave

 It's like a cozy French hideaway right in the heart of Vancouver. 

Breka Bakery & Cafe

812 Bute St

This café is open 24/7. So whenever you’re craving something sweet with good coffee, Breka’s your spot!  

Prado Cafe

4321 Still Creek Dr

The café itself is small but easy on the eyes, decked out with green ivy snaking along the outside wall and the crew there is super friendly.  

Prototype Coffee

883 E Hastings St

The aesthetic is absolutely amazing – picture sleek black with touches of wood and calming moss green.  

Beyond Bread

3686 W 4th Ave

If you're into artisanal bakeries, this place is a must-visit. Plus, their coffee is on point!  

Birds & the Beets

55 Powell St

Birds & the Beets has such a cool and funky aesthetic that you’ll want to snap pics of. And of course, the coffee – it's exceptional.  

Incognito Coffee

843 Seymour St

Dining at Incognito Coffee, with its wonderful view of Harrison Galleries, is bound to leave you with a positive and memorable experience.  

Liberty Bakery and Cafe

3699 Main St

It’s just a down-to-earth cafe that will have you spending a few hours with a good book or a comforting cup of coffee.  


325 Cambie St

The moment you step into Revolver café, you’ll see the aesthetic glass menu and the intricate nail art. 

Nemesis Coffee

302 W Hastings St

The cozy ambiance and beautiful interior create the perfect setting for a nice and family-friendly outing.  

Paul Bakery, Café and Restaurant

1164 Robson St

Their diverse menu offers sweet, savory, healthy, and vegetarian options, ensuring there's something for everyone. 

Soon Coffee

4567 Lougheed Hwy

Craving coffee that has a rich roast flavor with just the right touch of sweetness? Soon Coffee offers more than just amazing coffee. 

Tell Your Friends

400 Bowen Island Trunk Rd

Nestled oceanfront on Bowen Island, this café is a family-run haven for fresh and wholesome delights.  

49th Parallel Roasters Cafe

689 Thurlow St

At 49th Parallel Café & Lucky's, doughnuts are MAIN. Get your friends and dig into some tasty pies, glazed bacon, and bacon donuts. 

Coffee Roastery Modus

112 W Broadway

It's not just about the food – this cafe has major cuteness vibes.  Wonderful coffee, fantastic brunch options, and an ambiance that oozes passion. 

Honolulu Coffee Nelson

888 Nelson St G1

It’s like a tropical getaway in Canada. They also got some fancy beans from Hawaii. 

JJ Bean Coffee Roasters

425 Dunsmuir St

It's the kind of place where you can find a cozy spot and watch the world go by.  

Matchstick Cafe

1328 Richards St

Matchstick is the ultimate chill-out spot.  It's got that modern, sleek look going on, making you feel like you've stepped into a coffee shop from the future.  

The Mighty Oak

198 W 18th Ave

Nestled in a tranquil corner of a residential area, if you want to breathe some fresh air, you’ll like the serene atmosphere with small patio seating. 

Wicked Cafe

1399 W 7th Ave

Wicked Café is an absolute gem in the Point Grey area! The interior is incredibly spacious and adorned with lush greenery.