Calgary Café Guide - Best Cafes Near Me

Discover the vibrant coffee culture of Calgary with a curated selection of some of favourite coffee shops scattered across the city.

Elevate your caffeinated explorations with our Calgary Cafe Passport, designed to be your trusted companion on the quest for the city's best cafes. After sampling the delights of each café, take a moment to jot down your personal notes and ratings in the passport.

Calgary Cafe Passport

Alforno Bakery & Cafe

222 7 St SW

Discover Alforno Bakery & Cafe—the oven's heartbeat of Teatro Group. Eau Claire indulges with handmade pastries, artisan bread, and all-day dining. 

Analog Coffee

740 17 Ave SW

Analog — where coffee and community fuse into a caffeinated marvel. Since 2011, they've been fighting against mediocrity, one cup at a time. 

Cafe Alchemist Inc

850 2 St SW

Welcome to Café Alchemist, where culinary art meets alchemical brilliance in downtown Calgary. 

Cafe Gravity

909 10 St SE

Café Gravity is a family-run sanctuary where everyday chaos surrenders to tranquility. 

Caffe Beano

1613 9 St SW

Step into Caffé Beano, where passion has brewed since 1990, ignited by Janice Beaton and kindled by Rhondda Siebens. 

Calgary Heritage Roasting Co.

2020 11 St SE

Here, every bean tells a story, and with each bag purchased, a Canadian tree takes root—a testament to their 1 Million Planted project. 

Deville Coffee

1122 Kensington Rd NW

Step into Deville's world, where coffee is a masterpiece, and dreams are the canvas. 

Euphoria Cafe

8 Varsity Estates Cir NW #110

Local love and eco-chic unite! Sip sustainably with their 100% reusable and compostable groove.

Higher Ground Cafe

1126 Kensington Rd NW

With a big heart for local vibes, they team up with neighbors and showcase homegrown artists.

MobSquad Café

150 9 Ave SW #2100

Meet MobSquad, Calgary's cool tech haven on The Edison's 21st floor. The café's open to all weekday warriors and boasts ping pong battles, snuggly booths, and outlets galore. 

Monogram Coffee

420 2 St SW

Beyond crafting a cup of perfection, they're on a mission to leave smiles, connections, and a greener world in their wake. 

Phil & Sebastian

618 Confluence Way SE

With their custom-built roaster and unwavering dedication, each cup is a testament to their obsession. 

Philosafy Coffee

632 17 Ave SW

Philosáfy Coffee takes inspiration from a time when philosophers would gather in cafés to contemplate ideas.  

Regal Cat Cafe

303 10 St NW

No matter what your reason, you can enjoy a cat with your coffee right here in Calgary in this “Kitty Kingdom!” 

Rosso Coffee Roasters

140 8 Ave SE

From farm to cup, they're all about brewing the perfect story. 

Sought and Found Coffee Roasters

916 Centre St N

Join Sought x Found Coffee Roasters in supporting sustainable practices and the hardworking farmers who make it possible. 

The Roasterie

314 10 St NW

With its rich history and commitment to quality, The Roasterie is a go-to destination for coffee lovers seeking a truly remarkable brew. 

Italian Street Market

750 Nolan Hill Blvd NW #180

Lose yourself in the colorful array of olive oils, pasta varieties, and aromatic herbs that line our shelves, each one carefully selected to capture the essence of Italy’s diverse regions.